Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend, SECONDS Later Look What He’s Doing – Gistdigest24 news

Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend, SECONDS Later Look What He’s Doing - Gistdigest24 news



Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend, SECONDS Later Look What He’s Doing – Gistdigest24 news

It takes a village to plan the perfect wedding. Grooms (guy) have the difficult task of proposing to their future brides. A lot of thought, time, and money goes into the ring as well as the venue where the proposal will take place. After that, however, he is more or less off the hook or has more of a supporting role with the wedding planning.

The bride often time takes over things like the colour theme, location, food, drinks, and of course, the much anticipated dress. The goal is to remain married for the rest of your life so it’s important for both parties to get everything just right.

Catie Bossard thought her boyfriend Zach Baldwin had outdone himself when he proposed on top of a mountain in Vail, Colorado. Bossard was hugged and congratulated by their friends and families from both side when she said yes. Her biggest surprised came when Baldwin had another in store for her.

25 year-old Zach Baldwin got down to one knee to propose to Catie Bossard.Almost as soon as 24-year-old Catie said yes, Baldwin asked her if she wanted to get married on the same day as well.Baldwin told his fiancee, “I have a second question. Would you want to get married today? Everything is set up. Your dress, plans and everyone is here.”“I was flooded with emotions when I saw my family from Texas. That’s when I finally realized he was being serious. I answered with, ‘Let’s do it!,’” explains Bossard (guy).As for the perfect wedding dress the groom left the decision making to others. “My mom and sister picked out a dress and my two best friends Alex and Amanda picked out another. It was easy. Tried them both on and went with the one that I felt most comfortable in. Oh, and it was beautiful,” says Bossard.One of Baldwin’s friend, Landon Momberg was appointed the official photographer for the day while one of Bossard’s best friend officiated the ceremony.Baldwin (guy)came up with the idea to do the proposal and wedding in one day when one of his friends joked about it with him one day. “When I thought about it more and more. It just seemed too perfect,” says Baldwin.After the proposal, the bride, groom, family, and friends had four hours to get ready before the ceremony.“I can honestly say absolutely everything fell into place as I had envisioned it from the beginning,” Baldwin admits.Bossard’s mother, sister, and friends brought her undergarments, makeup, and everything she needed for the day. Bossard wore her grandmother’s pearl and her great-grandmother’s handkerchief was tied around her bouquet.Bossard says everything was simple but beautiful.The newlyweds will backpack through Costa Rica in November for their honeymoon. We are sure the bride will have a say in that part of the planning.

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