Productive people – Being productive is essential in this era of competition. Here is the compilation of 9 best different ways ultra-productive people do differently. Check it out guys the Productive people.

Ultra productive people –

  • No multi-tasking please.

Yes, multitasking is of utter waste and will not help you at all. The ultra-productive people know to prioritize things perfectly. The first preference goes to the most critical task. Thereby the next and all the work gets done.

  • To do lists won’t work.

Successful people never make to do lists. Researchers say we only perform fourth one percent of us to do lists in the most of the cases. Therefore, undone things occupy your mind and lead to stress. According to Zeigarnik effect undone things eat your brain until you finish them. Top 3 tasks scheduling will help. Jot down the three critical tasks of the day and try to complete them. Doing this you will get to complete work on time. No scary deadlines. Make sure you work without any interruption to enhance productivity.

One more effective method what successful people follow is, they schedule everything in their calendar, they work and live by it.

  • Mood Management.

Yes, this plays a crucial role in your entire day. In fact, studies prove that the happier you are the more productive you will be. Hence, lighten up your mood once you wake up the morning. It will reward you a whole day of productivity.

  • The Morning Routine.

This point is an extension to the previous one. The perfect morning routine equals to a perfect day. Highly successful people perform tasks which energize them. Exercising, a cup of coffee will do the job. Remember more energy equals more productivity. Also make affirmations to thyself. Positive affirmations give you a positive vibe and attitude. Visualization of your tasks will help you to focus more on it. Gratitude is essential. Revive your sweet memories, spend time with your loved ones, be grateful to what you have. Thus, more happiness and a happy day is yours.

  • 80/20 rule.

This is an Economics rule. It says eighty percent of revenue comes only from twenty percent of customers. Well, you might wonder why is Economics coming into play. There’s a strong reason for it.

Like the twenty percent of customers, eighty percent of results come from two percent of the tasks we do. Therefore, figure out them and give them top priority.

  • Eradicate Interruption.

Interruption is your mightiest enemy. Researchers say, two minutes of distractions will lead to two hours of time waste. Yes, it’s hard to refrain from getting carried away but you have to do it. Try to have a distraction free work environment. Avoid checking mails, attending phone calls or anything that’s stopping you from work.

You need to be productive, not reactive. Say bye to distractions if you want to work seriously.

  • 90/90/1 rule.

This is a Robin Sharma’s rule. It says next ninety day spend your first ninety minutes of your work on the most important things. He says this is the only rule most of his students follow to enhance their productivity. This is really an effective rule. Because first few hours of your work you are fresh and your brain works faster. You get most of your work on applying this rule.

  • 20 – 20 -20 rule.

Dear techies, this is a must. While you are constantly working on your computer, laptop or any device follow this rule. For every twenty minutes, stay away from your device at 20 feet distance for a 20 seconds. It will reduce stress, relax your eyes. Significantly, it saves your eyes.

  • You set your deadlines.

Usually, clients or boss set deadlines. But you try to set your own deadlines. Try being little unrealistic in this case. Trust me, it helps. According to Parkinson’s rule, you are going to work for hours and hours for a work which will take less amount of time if you don’t set deadlines.

This is a tricky and tough one. Try to cope up with it. You will thank it for sure.

Hope these tricks are of some use to you. Make sure you stick to these rules every day to bring a change in your life and to become that ultra productive people.


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